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American Pickers Mike Opens Store In Nashville

The “American Pickers Mike Wolfe has opened a new Antique Archaeology store in Nashville. The original Antique Archaeology store in LeClaire, Iowa will remain open. But it was so small it just could not handle all of the wonderful things that Mike finds when he is on the road picking with his co-star Frank Fritz on “American Pickers”. The new store will also have the same name, Antique Archaeology.Antique Archaeology Nashville

American Pickers Store In Nashville Is Larger

The new store in Nashville is now open and is about 2,000 square feet, about two thirds the size of our store in Dallas. This will allow Wolfe to set the store up the way he wants and also allow him to carry a much larger inventory. It will give more people a chance to purchase things found on the show.  For those of you visiting Nashville, Antique Archaeology is located at 1300 Clinton Street in Marathon Village. The store’s hours are 10 a.m.-6p.m. Monday though Saturday and 12-5p.m. Sunday. Their web site can be reached at this link for Antique Archaeology for more information about the new store. I will warn you that you should expect the store to be pretty crowded, especially on weekends. The store in the small town in Iowa attracted 300-400 visitors a day according to Wolfe. So you can imagine that the much larger Nashville with all of its tourist trade will have much higher traffic. I have not had the pleasure to visit the store yet, but will report back with photos when I do, if they allow photos to be taken in the store. It is always polite to ask if you are allowed to take photos when you are in a store. Most dealers and store owners don’t care, but a few really frown on this. So it is better to be safe than sorry. The photo is courtesy of archaeology

American Pickers Mike Loves Nashville

Mike has a love affair with the city of Nashville. It started with a motorcycle trip down the beautiful Natchez Trace that ended up in Nashville. He said the people of Nashville just seem to understand and like his stuff. He has set up sat the Nashville Flea Market and also been a picker for several antique dealers in the area.

Wolfe recalled how, after coming up with the idea for the show, he thought he could just call up the History Channel and pitch the concept of the show and they would be delighted and pick up the show. Unfortunately it is just not that easy. He bought a video camera and started filming the picking adventures of him and partner Frank Fritz. He showed footage of the videos to different dealers in Nashville and all were impressed with that easy going personality and the way he could bring the trips to life. What might seem boring to film a couple of guys out on the hunt for hidden treasures has turned out to be the most successful show in the history of the History Channel. It has developed an almost cult following which anxiously looks forward to new episodes on Monday nights. Because of its huge success, you can find many replays at other times. The coming season will be their third season.

Antique Archaeology NashvilleBefore Wolfe opened his new store in Nashville, he and his long time girlfriend, Jodi Faeth live part time in Leiper’s Fork. The had been visiting the area for nearly ten years before closing on their vacation home. So it was natural, after the estimates for expanding the store in Iowa didn’t make financial sense, that Wolfe would turn to Nashville as the location for the second store.

If you think you might like to try your own hand at picking, you might want to get your copy of the new book coming out in September, titled American Pickers Guide to Picking., now available for preorder. Besides giving advice and tips on picking, there are some tales about the different people the guys meet on the road.

If you get a chance to visit the new Antique Archeology in Nashville, please leave your impressions in Comments below this article. If not, check back on this site, Buying and Selling Antiques, where I will leave my review of the new American Pickers store.Antique Archaeology Nashville

Our Visit to Antique Archaeology In Nashville

We had gone to the Nashville Flea Market in the morning and thought we would check out the new Antique Archaeology in Nashville. Thank goodness fro GPS or we would never have found it. It was in a cool old building (see the first photo) where they built cars early in the twentieth century. It is set up almost like a museum, rather than an antique store. I must admit that they get tons of visitors here, so things probably get picked over pretty quickly when they bring in new items from their picks. But most of the things for sale, from their picks, were pretty expensive. There were lots of caps, t-shirts, and similar items for sale. They have to generate income to pay for the place. But I felt more like I was in a museum gift store than in an antique store. And there is nothing wrong with that. Since this is meant as a review, just wanted you to be aware of what you can expect to find. You get a feel for “American Pickers” but don’t plan on taking home one of their picks unless you catch them right after they unload new things.

38 Responses to “American Pickers Mike Opens Store In Nashville”

  1. ron flippen says:

    wher can u buy n look at the real stuff u find n directions 2 the nashville tn. store

    • Chuck says:

      I just used my GPS to find the store. It is kind of hard to find without getting directions online.

  2. Travis Harris says:

    Hey Guys, This is “Patch” in Nashville Tn. Just caught your show this week of the Nash store. I’m a Nash native, 49 years old, work for the stage hands union, do small eng rep & am a substitute teacher in Robertson Cnty. My wife is the choir teacher @ Greenbrier High were I went to school. I would like to come work at your store. If you need help in the future please call me @ 615-516-5128. I have plenty of ref, am honest and reliable and never meet a stranger. Will send resm if req. Please call me if you want to contact me I don’t play on the P.C. much. Thank You for your time. Hope to meet yall soon.

  3. Chris says:

    We visited the store yesterday. Enjoyed seeing all the cool picks. I didn’t really care for the live band playing. Would have been nicer to me if there was maybe just some soft music playing. That’s just me though.

    • Chuck says:

      That must be something new or maybe they have a band on the weekend. Glad you saw some of the cool picks, it’s hit or miss depending on when they last restocked.

  4. Kathy and Kevin says:

    Drove 6 hours to see Mike and Frank’s picks and hopefully buy something. Was very disappointed to find a big room with cool items “NOT FOR SALE”…items that were for sale were pricy$$$. Basically it is stocked with Antique Archaeology shirts and mugs,,, stuff you can buy online and save the trip. Big Building, Big disappointment.

    • Chuck says:

      I see your experience was similar to mine. I said it was more like a museum than a store. In their defense, they get tons of visitors and I am sure the stuff that is reasonable goes fast. So unless your visit happens to be right after they restock, you will experience what we both did on our trips. I might visit again because we are in Nashville several times a year, only 1.5 hour drive for us.

  5. Yuli says:

    Do u have a vending antique coke machine?

  6. cathy a smith chandler says:

    I am selling my 1970 Volkswagen transporter double cab on crags list, someone gave me your web site and said you may be interested, I live in Watertown tn just outside of Nashville . I would love for you to take a look at it, thanks,,,,,,,, Cathy

  7. DeWayne says:

    Very disappointed you cannot buy any of their antiques online ,
    What’s the use, amount paid, amount they will sell. Items never to be found…DeWayne

  8. Pepper malm says:

    My husbands father is 83 yrs old and to say he’s a pack rat is an understatement he’s owned over 20 of the largest storage units for 30 yrs these items are in amazing condition from old electrical equipment, Vespa motorcycle, 50 yr old popular mechanic magazines, vintage oil cans, sewing machine, vintage hub caps, there is even this latching box. That when you open it. It’s a turntable with two arms that one say record the other reproducer a button that says record rejector. Please contact us I know you won’t be disappointed. I’m just the wife my husband has all the knowledge, thanks so much

  9. Vickie says:

    Just recently found out that you have a Nashville store. How cool is that! Plan to visit it soon. My sister has a rather large old tin Fall City beer sign, she is willing to part with didn’t know if that would interest you. Also, an old Coke michine. Probably other stuff!
    Also, for your information Watertown, TN is going to have it’s yearly Mile Long Yard Sale on April
    21st (Saturday). Take I-40 east, take Watertown exit, and as you exit from the ramp the sales start. And your not even at Watertown, continue east on hwy 70 approx.10 to 15 miles. Happy hunting, and hope to hear from you or see you at the Mile Long.
    Much Sucess

  10. asia says:

    What web site can I go on to find out how much something is worth I have a rubber alcohol can that is made by justrite mfg company in Chicago I would like to no if it is worth something or if its just a decorative piece and I have not been able to find any straight answers

  11. Monica says:

    Went to Nashville last week and just had to visit the store as my husband and I love the show! The van and the truck happened to be on the parking lot so we got excited that we might get to see Mike or Frank! Nice store! even went to Bang Candy Co. next door. Loved it all. Will be back next time we visit Nashville. Good luck!

  12. Dustin Braun says:

    I have a oil painting that is on canvis. It is about 6ft by 4ft. The artist that painted it is name Darrell Gillbert. He is is a famous painter. You can look some of his art work up on line. It is a painting of miles davis. I have had the painting for about 6 years. Me and a friend bought it at a old furniture store that has closed down. I thought your store might be untrusted in buying for your store here in nasville. If you ever have a chance to call me or even mail me back if you think that it would be untrustedor in. The Thank you for your time. Dustin Braun. My phone number is …. or even mail me at .

  13. Brad says:

    came across a civil war sword that my fathers great gradfather had. know it’s been in the family for years. I recently watched one of your episodes where you buy stuff for a ghettysburg musseum. My Father recently passed and i now have this sword. Would love to know where to get it appraised and get information on this item. May be a Confederate sword.
    i can send pictures if you wish. Thanks


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  15. Vikki says:

    Will be visiting next weekend! Looking forward to it!

  16. mary says:

    I know someone that has antique pedal cars 20-30of them plus twind up metal toys a surey buggy and 2 parade wagons in excellent condition and more in the barn at her home and 2 storages with stuff and she has an antique shop all in colo how do i get ahold of mike wolfe of american pickers please let me know thanks

  17. stephanie batey says:

    Would love to have them look at a antique bank i have

  18. manny says:

    I am the regional yellow Indy go kart Richard Pryor drove in the movie TOY Please contact me5202884401

  19. Barbara Smith says:

    I have a 1933 International Huckster restored. Just wondering if you would be interested. Can contact by email or 315-945-0062. Really rare. Only made a few and I cant find anyone else with one, Can send pictures. It was made by willys jeep DModel.

  20. Judy Green says:

    Would you be interested in a 50′s model 4 wheel golf cart. I am a realtor in south Alabama and a client has one for sale.

  21. Judy Green says:

    P.S It’s a Harley Davidson golf cart – sorry.

  22. christina graff says:

    I have a 1980′s Vintage Verducci Blackbird Black Leather Jacket for sale. Mens size 46. Complete with fringe,skull metal buttons, zipper and belt . Mint condition, no rips or repairs. Made in Korea. Can provide photos if needed.Would like to sell.
    Thank you for considering this item.also cell ph is 304-660-7498

  23. Sheila says:

    My sister has found a few assorted items that may be of interest Thanks

  24. 1981 13ft. Casita camper for sale. Manufactured in Backus Mn. Only 3 manufactured the first year. Only 2 with clear titles left. This company is still popular and manufacturing campers to this day in Rice, Tx. Therefore my camper which is mostly original is in good condition an antique and a classic. We currently are advertising our camper for sale on Fiberglass rv 4sale. Com and Knoxville, Tn craigslist. Would you be interested or know someone who would be as an antique?
    Thank you for your interest

  25. Barbara Rock says:

    Would you be interested in an old Wayne gas pump. It isn’t in real good shape. If not other a junk dealer would you know how to get rid of it . I am to old to enjoy it was on my grandfathers farm when I was a child. I am 72 now so you can guess rough the age.please give me some options.

  26. Carole says:

    Am in Nashville for a convention & hope to visit your store tomorrow. Love your show.

  27. mike lyell says:

    I have some ww2 official papers photos letters and bunch more stuff came off of the uss hancock in 1945 would you be interested in it

  28. Mike Hysmith says:

    Hello, my name is Mike I am Sending you the name of a friend of mine in Corpus Christi Texas that has alot of thing I think you would be interested in. For example, a old rail car full of old BSA, Truhimp, & Harleys. Also more VW’s and VW motors then ive ever seen. His name is Bill McKenize he is like 80 years old. His late uncal owend the old Harley shop there as well and it has old bikes in it and a shed out back is full. anyway good luck

  29. kathy witcher says:

    My friend’s parents have both died in their late 90′s. She is left with a 3 story house FULL of antiques as the family has always traveled to other countries. Bought anything they ever wanted. Furniture passed down from generation to generation. She is at her witts end with what to do.

  30. deon harris says:

    I would like for you to come out and check out some new things that I have

  31. jacob says:

    I would like you to come to my house we might have some interesting things u might like so hope u can make it.

  32. Troy says:

    I have some real old bicycles am trying to sale my phone number is910-374-1708

  33. Patrick Arnold says:

    Hi, love your show and fully comprehend how and why it can be so popular. All of the characters on your show are next door neighbor’s we all would love to have, very cool. I am living in Michigan, currently on Hospice (been on it for a while) but even though I’m sick I can travel a little bit and would love to visit a store. I have to do it pretty quick or i won’t be able to travel anymore. My question is which one should i go to? Although Iowa is closer I would love to visit Grand Old Opera as my wife (who also loves the show) is a C&W fan also. Is there anyway to know what weekends you guys may be around?? Would love to see any and all of you. I’m a disabled vet on my last legs but I don’t expect any special treatment, just your thoughts on the best place and time.

    Thanks so much for showing America that honesty, integrity and hard work can make inspired Entertainment, all of you – Mike, Frank, Danielle and Rob (plus the young lady at the Nashville location) are all to be commended. You are in my thoughts and prayers. Hopefully I. Can see some of you. God Bless & Best Wishes!!! Patrick & Jeanne Arnold

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