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Auction Hunters Review

Auction Hunters” is another of the growing number of reality shows based on auctions of storage units. This one is basically focused on one pair of bidders, partners Allen Haff and Ton Jones. I happen to enjoy the show because they actually show where they take a majority of their finds to sell. I think we all know that this show, like all reality shows is not a reflection of a typical day in the storage auction business.Auction Hunters

Is “Auction Hunters” Real?

There is a spirited debate on Google whether “Auction Hunters” is all fake or is there some reality to it. I got rather amused that many of the comments on Google were about how they had seen the two stars on other shows. Kind of the same knocks on the two lovely ladies on “Sister Pickers.” If you read the bios on the show’s web site, “Auction Hunters“,(where the photos on this page originated) they tell about the backgrounds of the two. It tells about the TV shows that Huff has been on as well as his rather impressive background in antiques. It also talks about the things that Ton, the rather large over 300 pounds partner, does and what he collects. Someone saw him in the background handling snakes on another show. Again his bio talks about his involvement with wildlife. They are not saying that these are two unknowns, like the stars of “Storage Wars” were before the show.

That is the beauty of television, if you don’t like what you are watching, just click the remote and you don’t have to watch it any longer. If you would like to join in the debate, fell free to make your comments at the bottom of the article. The show that has , by far, created the most debate on this site, is “Picker Sisters.” I don’t know if was because the show featured two very attractive, in my humble opinion, ladies, or that it so different from the very popular “American Pickers.” I think that is what some of the debate is about with “Auction Hunters.” “Storage Wars” is by far more popular, and every show that features storage unit auctions will be compared to it. In the same way I defended the “Picker Sisters”, I think “Auction Hunters” gives a different perspective on the business. So maybe it depends on why you watch the shows. Is it for entertainment, or you only watch the ones that seem more real. But all of the shows are first and foremost TV shows and face some of the problems that any TV show, and especially reality TV shows face. I recently read where Dave is holding out for more money for the next season of “Storage Wars.” Does this sound familiar to some other TV shows. Just hope he doesn’t get several goddesses and start making crazy rants about the producers of the show. I guess he could always go on a one man tour and yell, “Yuuuup” all over the place. Here is a short video to show a sample of waht to expect from “Auction Hunters”:

History of “Auction Hunters”

“Auction Hunters” premiered on November 9, 2010 on Spike. The show is aired many times on some days, just refer to your TV guide in your area to see the schedule for your area. The show has two seasons in the books and plans have been announced for a third season.

I should point out that if you pay attention at the beginning of every episode that there is a disclaimer pointing out that these two buy hundreds of unit’s a year and only the most unusual and profitable are featured on the show. I am curious if the television crews follow them around to every auction in hopes that it will be the one to be featured on the show. The pair admits that they sometimes lose money on their units. Usually the 80/20 rule applies. Eighty per cent of the profits are made from twenty per cent of the units. I takes a lot of patience, work, and finances to make a living doing this. You have to be able to afford the units that lose money. With more and more people entering the business, the more expensive it gets to buy units. This is especially true for those on the TV shows. As many people recognize them, they want to show they can hang with the big guys. I have talked to a few people who were buying storage units before the TV shows. They said the units are much higher and more and more people show up hoping to strike it rich by buying a storage unit. Most will stop doing it when they find out how much work is involved in clearing the units. Also it is not real easy to turn the merchandise into money. If you do not own a second hand store like Dave, what do you do with all of this stuff.

My advice unless you want to just try a storage unit auction for fun, leave it to the professionals. You have to know what the items you see are worth to be able to know what to bid, as well as a means of turning the items into cash. Myself, I just enjoy watching the shows and hope they will show some interesting antiques or collectibles. If you enjoyed the article I hope you would consider clicking on the “Like” button and sharing it with your friends. And again, fell free to leave any comments below. If you enjoy antiques and collectibles, there are many other articles on Buying ans Selling Antiques on this site. Feel free to look around and see waht all is available, and much more will be added. If you have not seen the show, check out Spike and see when “Auction Hunters” is on in your area.

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