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Cajun Pawn Stars Review

If you have not seen “Cajun Pawn Stars” on the History Channel on Sunday night 10/9c, you need to check it out. They have some pretty interesting things coming into the shop. The show is a spin off of the big hit, “Pawn Stars” and their huge shop in Las Vegas.

The Stars of “Cajun Pawn Stars”

There are three main stars on “Caun Pawn Stars”, Jimmie DeRamus, Jimmie’s daughter Tammie, who manages the daily operations of the shop, and Jimmie’s brother Johnnie. There are also a few of their employees that are shown regularly on the show, but not a Chumley. But the three related family members are fun to watch. They know the pawn business and run a huge operation. They have been very successful and are not afraid to pay big money for things they want. On a recent episode Jimmie offered a man $575,000 for some rare discontinued large currency bills.Cajun Pawn Stars

Location of “Cajun Pawn Stars”

Their large store, Silver Dollar Pawn & Jewelry Center is located in Alexandria, Virginia. It is over 20,000 square feet of some very interesting merchandise. You will find a huge selection of guns, interesting historical items, and even livestock, as well as the usual things like jewelry and tools. But it so interesting that classes of schools children come to visit on field trips. So like the pawn shop in Vegas, this is no ordinary pawn shop. It is often referred to as a “museum for sale.”

Like “Pawn Stars” you can catch reruns at many different times on the History Channel. I was pleasantly surprised at how much I have enjoyed the couple of episodes that I have seen. There are getting to be so many of these reality shows on TV. If one is successful, then producers seem to think that two to four more would work also. But I have to admit, I enjoy all three of the shows about pawn shops. “Hardcore Pawn” does not have as many interesting things as these other two, but it seems to be more like what a normal pawn shop would be.

I am getting off of the subject, please forgive me. ”Cajun Pawn Stars” definitely has a southern flavor to it. Not many pawn shops would have any interests in livestock. The same for one of those watercraft that has what looks like a huge fan on the back. Jimmie said that would go quickly with duck season just around the corner. But that is part of the charm that makes this program enjoyable.

People have often asked, “How do you get on one of these TV programs?” Do the TV crews just hang out all of the time hoping someone will bring in something interesting to film. Well, you can email the show giving details of what you want to sell or pawn. Then if they decide they want to show your transaction on the program, they will schedule an appointment, so the cameras will be ready to roll. It also allows them to do a little research or arrange for one of their experts to come in and be part of the process. On the show it makes it look like people are constantly bringing all of these interesting things into the store. But even if this is “reality TV” , it is not quite that interesting in real life.

If you happen to live near Alexandria or will be traveling to the area and wish to be on “Cajun Pawn Stars”, here is the contact information: . You will need to have something interesting and unusual to be considered. But it could be a fun and memorable experience.

As antique lover, and this article is on an antique blog, Buying and Selling Antiques, I enjoy the older things, but also some of the other interesting items, like the sniper rifle from Europe. They paid $3500 for it and then had a shoot off between Tammie and one of the guys. You can imagine who won, Tammie did and she has been shooting since she was a young child. She grew up in the pawn business and loves it.

If you are anywhere the Alexandria area, you owe it to yourself. Otherwise just tune in to the History Channel and catch the latest episode of “Cajun Pawn Stars.”

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