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Can You Identify These “Modern Antiques”

I jus t read a fun little article on the internet and thought you might want to test yoursel and others with trying to identify these “modern antiques.” Although, these are not real antiques, as they are part of my generation, many young people of today will not be able to identify many of them. A couple were a little too easy in my opinion, but it wasn’t my article.

I did not include all eleven of the items included, but will give a link  so you can see all of the items. The photos also came from the article. Hope you have some fun with it and aren’t able to identify ten of the eleven like I did, or you are old as dirt like me.

From Mental Floss:

11 “Modern Antiques” Today’s Kids Have Probably Never Seen

Read the full text here:

1. 45 rpm Record Adapter   Can you identify these "modern antiques"






2. Skate Key Skae Key






4. Self-Service Tube Tester



Tube Tester


8. Milk Chute  

I tried to pick the harder ones to identify. Again you can read the whole article here: The one I could not identify was the milk chute. I remember the milk man coming to make deliveries. They had a little circular thing that you could turn to reveal anything special you wanted delivered in addition to your regualr delivery. I would get up early and turn the gadget to chocolate milk, I was either 5 or 6. But the mile was left on the doorstep, so I don’t remember the chute. Do you think any of these items will become the collectibles of tomorrow? That is the fun of trying to think what will become the next hot collectible. Who knew all of those baseball cards, including the Mantle and Mays rookie cards that we bought  for a penny wuld be worth what they are today. But if we had all taken good care of them, they wouldn’t be worth near as much. So the next new hot collectible will be something that m,ost people threw away, because the demand has to be bigger than the supply for it to becoe valuable. It could also be something that that was made in limited quanities, again making the supply less than the demand. You can always just do like most of us and just wait and see which of these ”modern antiques” will become a valuable antique or collectible several years from now.

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