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It’s Worth What

It’s Worth What  is a new television program with its debut tonight, July 19th, at 8PM EST on NBC. This will give you a chance to test your knowledge of the value of things. The promos lead us to believe that there will be some neat collectibles on the show. The star of the show is Cedrick the Entertainer.Its Worth What?

After watching the first show tonight, I will give my humble opinion whether it is worth your time to watch, especially if it has many antiques and collectibles. It could be fun to test your knowledge. They have a resident appraiser on the show to give his professional opinion on the values of different items.

There are contestants who compete to see who knows  It’s worth what promo video says there is a Princess Diana dress and an Elvis jump suit. Which one of those outfits is worth the most? He also mentioned a copper bathtub and some collectible car. It sounds like it has possibilities, but the jury is still out on “Its Worth What”

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