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Nashville Antique Shows in October

We just attended the Fiddler’s Antique Show as well as the Tailgate-Music Valley Show that were held October 24 through 27 in Nashville. Although not as large as their February shows, there were plenty of neat finds.

Pat’s Antiques of Shelby, IL had some unusual estate finds. There was a birds eye maple doll dresser c 1920 for $125. They also had a small, doll size iron bed c 1910, priced at $225. I loved the child’s Elite Tool chest with tools (including extra tools) and an apron which looked like it was never worn for $175. Finally, they had a two piece small cross saw and stand, with the saw being only 4” wide priced at $200. Some of these like the cross saw and iron bed could have been salesman’s samples, but hesitant to identify them as such.vineyard basket

Barbara Elden McDonald Antiques of Knoxville, TN had a large, 42” wide vineyard basket that was in wonderful condition with a beautiful dark patina, listed at $250. They had it displayed on a wall and it was quite striking.

I love industrial antiques and Wilson’s Antiques, Inc. of Ashville, N.C. had a large 6 drawer wood industrial counter with a metal top for $795. It would make a fantastic check out counter or could be used in a workshop where it was probably originally used.

Alligator Tin ToyAmerican Spirit Antiques LLC of Murphy, N.C. had some exciting toys. First was a working tin alligator with a black native boy riding on his back. It was c 1920 by the Chein Toy Co. of N.J. listed at $250. Next was a working German pull toy of a cow from late 1800s that would moo when pulled. It was about 14 ½ inches long and sits on a wood base and fake hide covering in working order. This one had lots of detail and priced at $650 and was in good condition, especially compared to others I saw online. Finally they had a large store display tennis shoe of Bata Super Bullets for $350.German Pull Toy Cow

Chuck Bachmann of Thornville, Ohio had a deco theatre marquee for movie posters c1925 with its original fluorescent tubes and a non working clock on top. The metal was not in good condition with some rusting and spotted, priced at $495.

Bestmaid Mechanical Marionette TheatreI found this oak railroad ticket cabinet with roll down door made by Pool Bros. Mfg. of Chicago from Beaver Creek Antiques of Glascow, KY. It was listed for $1895. They also had this toy Bestmaid Mechanical Marionette Theatre with patent date of 1921 in its original box @ $650. On the slightly macabre side they had this authentic wooden electric chair c 1915 from Pulaski County, TN. Priced at $6500. Next was a bit of Nashville history since this was a Nashville show. It was a pair of original oak benches from the Grand Old Opry’s  Ryman Auditorium which came out of the auditorium when they renovated it in 1993. They were donated by Oscar Sullivan of Lenzo and Oscar fame. There was a small brass plate on each showing the above information and these were listed for $2500 each.papier-mâché molds

Finally, there was an entire booth of original hand carved wooden papier-mâché molds from the Philippines. I had always wondered how they made all of these papier-mâché objects so cheaply. After WWII the demand for these inexpensive objects created the demand for this Philippine export industry. Skilled carvers would carve these wooden molds and then they would layer the molds with layers of paper soaked in rice paste. After drying, the paper shells would be sliced in two with sharp razor knives. Then they would be rejoined and usually covered with a final coat of brown paper. He had mold mostly from the 60s through the 90’s. They came in all sizes and were priced from $5 for some small stars and other shapes to several hundred dollars for large molds. They all had in common the marks left from the sharp razor cuts. The molds are called takaans and the finished products are called takas.

Santa Claus Oil LampI loved the booth of Antiques, Art ‘N Treasures of Scottsville, KY. They had a neat milk glass Santa Claus mini oil lamp with nutmeg burner. It has original nutmeg burner and near perfect fired on paint. From the early Santa figure, probably late 19th century. This was listed for $12,000. They also had a Mt Washington 3 glass banquet lamp that had been electrified, $1495.

The Hallett’s of Antiques, Arts ‘N Treasures had a 1870s brass double light student light signed E.M. Miller which had been electrified, $1495, probably replacement glass shades. The last oil lamps were  pair of nickel plated Kinks Dulex No. 2 which were 18” tall from about 1865. They were bringing a pair of antique cranberry shades to go with them and would be priced at $6500 for the pair. They also had a tall Weller Woodcraft vase in shape of tree trunk with an owl in a hole and a squirrel climbing the tree, 18” tall for $1500. There was a duck decoy from about 1895, a Mason Premier blue wing teal drake with its original weight for Weller Woodcraft Vase$9,500. Mr Hallett had an auction result from 7 years ago where a similar decoy sold for $16,500. And finally they had a lovely mahogany glass showcase with original glass and mirrors except for the added glass shelf. The cabinet was c 1880 and priced at $2800.

The, actual name of business, from Indianapolis, IN. had a display of three industrial wheels hanging on a wall which would be a neat wall display for a large wall. The wheels were priced at $275 for the smallest, $300 for middle size and $375 for the largest one.Three Industrial Wheels

Poor Horse Antiques of Springfield, MO. had a late 19th century forged iron meat rack with hooks from a butchers shop. The rack was made by Bernard Gloekler Co. of Cincinatti and featured a cowboy riding a horse on right side chasing a steer on the left side with a longhorn head in the middle. It was too high in the booth to get accurate measurement but estimated about 8 feet wide and priced at $2200. This version seems to be hard to find, saw several more common examples online, but none like this one. He also had a reclining nude ink well on marble base for $775.Butcher Shop Meat Rack

My wife loved this pair of light green metal railroad bridges for a model train set for $195 for the pair. These were presented by Worden Select Objects of Burr Oak, MI. She also had a large pair of industrial lights, $575 each. These had a great industrial look for a loft or similar large space with high ceilings.Green Model Train Bridges

Finally Don & Marta Orwig of Indiana had a large booth again. They had a fun pair of folk art “wrench” chairs made from large wrenches for $2850 for the pair. There was a very detailed unusual tramp art frame for $595. Finally they had 10 metal industrial chairs priced at $120 each. Unique Wrench ChairThese are new chairs with a vintage industrial look.

Talking to dealers at both shows, traffic and sales were down from the shows there in February. Some wondered if the fall shows would return next year. More common things were really slow, but the more unusual things were still strong.

Fiddler’s Antique Show took place at Fiddlers Inn Hotel, 2410 Music Valley Dr., Nashville, TN 37214.

Tailgate-Music Valley Antiques Show was at the Hendersonville Expo Center, 90  Volunteer Dr, Hendersonville, TN 37075

The show promoters for the two shows are listed below.

Fiddler’s Antique Show

P.O. Box 17457

Indianapolis, IN 46217

(615) 686-8202

Tailgate-Music Valley Antiques Show

Jenkins Management

P.O. Box 580

Fishers, IN 6032

(317) 598-0012


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