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Pawn Stars

Pawn Stars in one of the biggest hits on cable television. The four stars, the son, father, and grandfather, plus the son’s best friend have become near rock stars. Hopefully most viewers recognize that this is not a typical pawn shop. But then what in Vegas is typical. The show can be seen on History Channel, Mondays at 10/9c as well as many other times for repeats of this popular show, Stars

Is “Pawn Stars” a Typical Pawn Shop

Being a lover of antiques, I enjoy the many varied things that come into the shop for the guys to see. If you have watched the other pawn show on cable, “Hardcore Pawn”, it is a little closer to a typical pawn shop, but much larger. Most pawn shops take in many more items on pawn than they buy outright. The inventory is much more boring than the varied inventory you see on “Pawn Stars.” Most pawn shops are full of tools, electronics, and jewelry, and a few other things. Watching “Pawn Stars” you get the idea that everyone is bringing all sorts of exciting things to sell (and not pawn). Of course this is what makes the show so exciting. How many viewers would the show have if all you saw was used tools, TVs and jewelry coming in to be pawned.

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I’m sure the slow economy has been a boom for pawn shops, fueled even more by the skyrocketing prices for precious metals, where gold hit an all time high of over $1900 a few months ago. People are having a tough time in this economy and being forced to get rid of some things that they would not ordinarily think of selling. It is a quick and easy way to turn things into money. If you just need a short term loan to get you through a tough month, you can just pawn a few things if you want to get them back soon.

Here is a brief video introducing you to what you might expect on “Pawn Stars.”

Most pawn shops would not be interested in purchasing many of the things we see on “Pawn Stars.” Most pawn shops don’t have near the resources of this shop. And as I mentioned earlier, most pawn shops are not nearly this large. This shop is huge and has who knows how many employees. Other then the four stars, we don’t see many of the other employees to be able to see just how many they have. And not many pawn shops are open 24 hours a day, at least outside of Vegas. But they aren’t on television with tons of adoring fans, and I include myself in those numbers.

What Makes “Pawn Stars” so Popular ?

The interaction between the stars adds to fun of the show. We always want to know what Chumlee ) is going to do next. Is the Old Man (sorry, no Twitter account) going to fall asleep at his desk this week? Will Rick (@GoldSilverPawn) and Corey(@corey_harrison) get into it about something? But I think the real stars of the show are the many different things that the people bring into the store. Most pawn shops will never have someone come into the store to try to sell a cannon or a silver spoon made by Paul Revere. The many varied items keep me coming back each week to see what they will have brought into their shop. We know they are going to have to call in one of them many experts on at least one item. We know Rick is going to offer quite a bit less than what he will really be willing to pay for the item. Chumlee is probably going to get in trouble for doing something stupid. But we have no idea what someone will be bringing to the Vegas shop to sell. Again, you would think no on wants to pawn something from watching the store. But we do get to see what at least this pawn shop is willing to pay for unusual items and what the experts have to say about the history and value of the items.

With the start of the new 2012 season just around the corner. I will be talking about some of my favorite items on coming shows. Feel free to comment on what you liked or didn’t like about the show or items on the show. You might even tell who your favorite Pawn star is. Remember to watch each new episode of “Pawn Stars” each Monday night on the History Channel.

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