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Picker Sisters

There is a new TV program on Lifetime on Tuesday nights called “Picker Sisters“. It is an enjoyable twist on the very popular “American Pickers” on the History Channel. I think it will be a hit because it shows how these two designers from LA go out picking and then transforms their finds into other things. You might recognize both of these ladies from previous TV shows.Picker Sisters Because of the interest in this article, I have decided to add an ongoing section at the bottom where I will review each episode and say which pieces I liked and didn’t like.

See the Important Update Below

The Stars Tracy Hutson and Tanya McQueen

These two talented designers, the picker sisters, have similar backgrounds and both are easy on the eyes. Both grew up in Texas about 35 miles from each other and each has been featured as designers on “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition.” Tanya McQueen got her start in design by buying and flipping old historical homes in Texas where she was discovered. This helped develop her love for design as well as things old.

Tracy Hutson grew up in Dallas and moved to LA to pursue a career in entertainment where she appeared in several movies and TV shows. She also continued with her fascination with design that started with her print work for a modeling agency in Dallas. So these two best friends with many things in common teamed together to open their own store and went on the road as picker sisters.

They Love to Repurpose Old Things

My favorite part of the show is how these two talented ladies find neat old things and then creatively repurpose them into neat things. Do I like everything they do, no. That would be true for any designer I have ever known. A difference in tastes is what makes life interesting. But if you are a lover of antiques like me, this show is a pleasant change from most of the design work we see on HGTV and other design shows. I am so tired of seeing the cheap “Design On a Dime” things we see on so many of the design shows. It’s like they never heard of an antique. I love the way Nate Berkus shows how to repurpose things on his shows.

Having owned an antique store in Dallas for many years, we always looked for interesting things that we could repurpose into something else. Lamps made out of old things were really big and everyone was looking for things to make into a lamp. These picker sisters do have a talent for finding things and coming u p with innovative ways to make them into something useful and unique. I can see why Tracy had such a big following for her design work in LA.

The talent is being able to make it into something that is useful and doesn’t look like it was picked from a junk yard. Again I didn’t love everything they did in the first two episodes, but I was impressed with how they could envision what they were going to do with a piece when they were buying it. And on the other hand they could improvise when the original plan didn’t work out, like the table made from huge chains with giant links. I wasn’t sure about that one until I saw the finished product. I would love to visit their store and look forward to going picking with them on each episode of “Picker Sisters.” Just go to this link of “Picker Sisters” to catch up on any episodes you have missed. Please leave a comment on what you think about the article and consider sharing it with a friend.

s “Picker Sisters” Cancelled

Just a quick update. I tweeted Tanya last week and there is no word whether “Picker Sisters” will be picked up for a second season. If I learn anything new I will post it here. You of course can let Lifetime and the History Channel know that you would like for the show to be brought back for another season. In a comment below, one person said the show will not return for a second season. I still have not seen an official announcement.

Important Update and Some FAQs

Unfortunately, “Picker Sisters” has been cancelled but still some of the episodes are still being shown in reruns in some markets.

Their store is no longer open.

As  to why the show got cancelled, as you can see from the many comments at the bottom of this post, it seemed people either loved or hated this show. Being a native Texan and lover of antiques, I loved these Texas girls and their talents.

All is not lost, you can follow them on Facebook by clicking on this link. Their newest FB page is the Pickers Forum where you can see others pickers share their finds and transformations.

Please read my input below on some of the shows and feel free to comment about your feelings on the show or this article. You can also see at the bottom of the page some of my articles on other TV shows relating to antiques and our experiences of being antique dealers for 25+ years.

Reviews of Different Episode of the Picker Sisters

Episode 5, First AL Episode

There were several picks from this episode that I really liked. The room dividers made from the welding screens were really neat. They can really help set out different areas in a store, and these are so much neater than commercial room dividers.

The oudoor chairs made from the the carts were really a great idea for out door patio and pool chairs. And what a steal @ $20 each, I would love to have a few of them at that price. Maybe my favorite piece from this episode was the glass top table they made from the cement foundation blocks. The neat thing on that table is a good welder could fabricate that pretty easily. The major expense would be the glass top. But it really had a clean contemporary look, and the concrete, metal and glass worked well together.

I didn’t care for the bar made from the acid suit locker. I loved the black lacquered interior and the nautical light was really clever touch that  gave a really unique look. But the outside of the cabinet just didn’t thrill me. I would rather have seen it sand blasted down to the bare metal and gave it that industrial look, and then the black lacquer interior would have really popped even more. But that is the neat thing about this business, how different people like different things. I hope they show the standing lamp they had in mind, when they bought that piece of salt water log that was all eaten away.

Epidode 6 and 7, Mobile, Alabama

There were several pieces I liked in these episodes and there was one major disappointment for me. I will start with the disappointment, the standing light fixture made from the large floor fan. When they first came up with the concept, I thought it was going to be cool (from a fan-cool). But the finished product just didn’t do anything for me. Not sure exactly what I would have done with this, but it was not a hit with me. I also didn’t care for the silo hanging chairs. I think the expense of hauling these and the work, although not too difficult, would have priced these out of the market. But I have seen crazier things sell for autrageous prices. That is the great thing about unique, one of a kind (or one of four of a kind) things. Customers will not find another one, until someone copies these. And you can charge for the uniqueness of the item.

Now to the things I liked. I loved the radiator chair and the sofa with the axel base. They went outside of the box on both of these and it a homerun as far as I am concerned. They had a great industrial look, and that is so “In” right now. I think both of those were very functional pieces that would sell pretty quickly in a store like theirs or at the right antique show like Round Top in Texas.

I was pretty impressed with the track lighting made from the commercial sprayer. Customers are always looking for unique lighting fixtures. Whether it is table lamps made from architectural elements, a unique English biscuit tin or Staffordshire figure, to the many different styles of hanging fixtures. You can tell they are allways on the lookout for things to make into different lighting fixtures.

My very favorite piece from these two episodes, was the chair made from the VW  hood. It took a page out of some of the modern chairs from the mid-century modern look. If you saw my living room furniture, you would know why I loved this chair.

September 6 Episode

There were several pieces I really like on this episode. My absolute favorite was the Impossible Dream sign made into a headboard. In the 25+ years we owned an antique store in Dallas, people were always looking for unique things to make into a headboard. I have seen large mirrors, architectural pieces, and even large fireplace mantles used as headboards. But can’t ever remember a sign, and with that name, so perfect.Picker Sisters

I also loved the two swivel chairs in the photo that were made from the Diamond truck fenders. A neat modern feel with that mid century modern feel, and yet offset with the rusty backs of the fenders. I also liked the chaise, especially the upholstery that blended well with the architectural elements. I also like the clock made from the old scales. Put in the right place, it would be a real conversation piece.

I didn’t like the table with the leather. Even if it had wood like they originally wanted, it just didn’t do anything for me at all. But you can’t hit a homerun on everyone of them. This one definitely struck out with me.

Sept 13 in Mississippi Episode

My wife loved all of the things they did on this show, I wasn’t as crazy about them as she was. I would have rather seen the motorcycle  restored to its original colors rahter than the gold color for that unique table. But it was definitely a one of a kind.

I also was not crazy about the commercial saw being converted into a bathroom fixture. But to be fair, I would have loved to see how it was used in someone’s bathroom before making a final decision. What did you think about these things?

I encourage you to please leave your comments below and tell us what you either liked or disliked about their finds and how they repurposed them into something completely different. And please tell us why, it should be fun to hear what everyone is thinking about the most recent episodes of the show.

70 Responses to “Picker Sisters”

  1. nancy Anna says:

    love your show. I live in la I have buggy seat and would like to make a base for it I am looking to purchase barn wood, reclaimed wood would you be willing to sell any

    • Chuck says:

      Nancy, my site just reviewed their show. But I can bet that they want to hold on to that barn wood. They had to travel a lot of miles to get it and they will use it on many different projects. They have a FB page and thenthey also have an official site connected with Lifeline. Plus, I think each of them have their own site and also a joint one. Good luck on finding some barn wood.

      • traci says:

        we have barn wood. what are you looking for?

        As far as the show. they are a bit corny but have some great ideals and that is what counts. not how much they flirt. I just wish I had a helper like they do!!!!!!!!!!!!! I could come up with a lot!!!!!


  2. dexxy says:

    personally I feel the show is way to scripted. Some of the ideas for repurposing items are original but far more I have already seen from other hard working designers that aren’t “TV prefect”

    • Chuck says:

      I respect your opinion, but disagree. Yes, these sucessful ladies are TV personalities. Both were designers on Extreme Home Makeover and are very nice looking. I love the way they take things and come up with creative ways of repurposing them. I think that is the niche they have, the repurposing of things. Architectural and industrial are hot in design now. But that is why there are lots of choices for TV viewing. I will say their show has created lots of interest. I have more traffic on this article than any other article I have written. Thanks for reading and please leave comments on any other articles. I always appreciate different points of view.

  3. Shar Cipriano says:

    Not only way too scripted but not upfront about costs in labor/materials etc. Case in point, when they go & pick up the 1,500lb chain for $25.00 & the guy has to weld & fabricate it, paint it, & had to put out big bucks on a spendy large piece of thick glass w/ polished edges cut for the table top. So, the show gives a breakdown, & it goes like this- $25.00 for chain (truth-maybe),Labor/& Materials $125.00, Total Cost $150.00. NOT! Just in the labor alone of cutting the chain, welding, prepping the chain before painting & cost & time in primer & paint your talking “several hundred dollars-(they are NOT factoring in any labor)… but wait lets get to glass table top & we are adding big bucks-it would of had to be custom cut& polished edges. Also, they don’t factor in their flight to Kentucky, hotel,or rental of the vehicle & trailer, fuel… as you might notice they are always in a different vehicle..come on do you really think they drive all the way to Kentucky, turn around & drive back to LA? I guarantee you the one guy they show as their carpentar/fabricator is not the only one working behind the scenes. I know that it makes “good” t.v., but I’d rather see ‘em keep it “real”. I’ve been a nationally published designer since 2005 till present. I will say I enjoy the designs but pretty certain that’s done w/ a team & sure they just don’t drive up to any ole’ farm & taa’da’…just so happens everythings right there & up for sale! Cute gal’s but come on I’ve heard of “work’n it”, but really to show up in the rain w/ shorty shorts & boots, which the camera zero’s in on…. Enough said! Again, I enjoy the designs the teams make up & execute, please just put some reality back into “reality t.v.”, because others who try to mimic what your doing will find themselves frusterated & very time & CASH poor!

    • Chuck says:

      Shar, appreciate your point of view. Who knows whether they actually drive to the places shown. But on most of the shows including the beloved “American Pickers” who now go to all parts of the country, they don’t take cost of travel as an expense. But there are people doing similar things and making a profit doing it. The shipping charges when the ship things back to their helper’s workshop can be expensive. But I know the prices dealers charge for these type of repurposed items.
      Both these girls and the American pickers can get in places you and I never could because they have a TV crew traveling with them. People love to be on TV, so doors magically open. You and I could go into a small town and go to the local cafe and try to get info on where to pick, and we wouldn’t have near the “luck” fabricated or not, in getting leads. But bring in a TV crew and it will make a big difference. It’s not like Mike is using a video cam to film these episodes.
      So none of them really are “keeping it real.” Look at the shows on buying contents of storage buildings. They don’t factor in the cost of the stores, which having owned an antiques tore for over 35 years, is a major expense.
      Butlike you I enjoy the things they create and it wil hopefully get my creative juices flowing. I don’t worry about all of the actual costs of their things, only mine. Iused to have a very creative guy back in TX that could do many things for me much cheaper than others, but he retired. You definitely have to factor in costs. But the chain table , which created all sorts of interest, could be done and sold for a profit, especially if it was totally unique and one of a kind piece. Someone would pay the price to get a one of a kind item. But i agree that the REAL costs are not being shown here, and I wopuld also say the same could be siad for many other shows. I just think these two ladies are taking a lot of heat, and much is not fair. But that is why I love hearing from many and “That’s Entertainment.” I love the show and evidently many others don’t. Time will tell whaether they stay on the air or get cancelled. I hope they stay because so much design garbage has filtered into HGTV, It’s refershing to see some actual innovative design ideas. Their type of things would sell very well at Round Top, one of the largest antique shows in the U.S.

    • GaelicGardens says:

      Speaking as someone from the south and a picker I can say that people out here actually do sell stuff just laying around the “farm” like that. Ive walked up to many places and done similar.. however I do have to say that I dont know how they get some of the metal they buy so cheap since most people who have junk piles scrap and wont take less than theyd get at the scrap yard. I do agree they must have a team and someone on their own would have a hard time doing this on such a grand scale. Driving most of this stuff all the way back to LA seems like it would take most of their profit away but I heard they charge ALOT for their pieces so maybe Im mistaken. I still totally love this show! Why? Because the alot of the ideas are great and im located in an area where I can actually make some of them. I also happen to have a handy husband and some welding friends ;)

      • Chuck says:

        Thanks for the comments, always good to hear from fellow pickers. It’s getting to that time of the year when the picking is good.

  4. Chuck says:

    This is just a general comment. There are many comments here and elsewhere about how the ladies dress. Both of my sister-in-laws here in Alabama can’t stand it. But Dallas is my hometown and I regualerly go to Round Top, one of the largest antique shows in the U.S. I have to say that is the way most of the ladies between 20 and 50 dress at Round Top. And it’s as close to picking as you can get with much of it in fields with dust, mud and 90+ degree temperature. Lots of cut off jeans, tons of jewelry, boots, and full makeup. Although they both now live in LA, the Dallas are was where they were originally from.

    The other general comment was it looked to staged. How can it not be staged when a TV crew arrives at someone’s home or business. Do you think the American Pickers don’t have a bunch of “no luck” searches that aren’t shown. Either that or they are scouted out ahead of time.

    But that is why some people like certain TV shows and some don’t. But this show attracts lots of attention. My little site has had over 4000 people look at this article in the first three weeks of the show.
    PLEASE continue to leave comments, especially about what you liked or didn’t about each episode. And check back to see what others are saying.

  5. Shaine says:

    I was glued to the “Picker Sisters” marathon that was aired earlier in the week. I was thrilled to see you visiting my home town, Mobile, AL. as well as many of the small towns in Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and the Florida panhandle. I liked that unlike ‘American Pickers” who seem to stay away from the south due to the high humidity, you have embrassed a resource that we have plenty of in the south, “Rust”. If you are ever interested in cutting cost I would love the opportunity to rumage around for you and snoop out some of the finer rusty spots of the south. Keep wearing the Daisy Dukes ladies, show em while you got em!!

  6. Laurie says:

    The show is too hoity toity for me. They gals are too pushy for my taste and I guarantee if they showed up on private property unannounced without a camera crew, they would be not-so-kindly thrown out, possibly with a shotgun in tow by the owners! They dress for the viewers and not for actual picking. In those outfits, they’re sure to pick up some ticks, chiggers and the like! Now there’s some ‘picking’ for ya!
    I agree with the above statements that their costs certainly outweigh the profits of their items but that’s probably why they sell in LA where people have money to burn.
    I grew up digging through people’s barns and going to estate sales and auctions with my Mom. She dragged me all over MI to find ‘junk’ to resell. She is still an antiques dealer and I have it in my blood! I have a website with items to suit different tastes from old to new. We also have handmade bath and body products. Yes, I posted a plug for my business!

    • Chuck says:

      I know a lot of people, especially women share your views. But as I mentioned in another comment, that is the way people dress in many parts of the country. If you ever visited the Round Top shows, you would see many ladies dressed just like them while they are tromping through the dust or mud in 90 degree heat.
      I think you would be surprised at the reception they would get, even without a crew. But that is what makes these comments interesting, if we all agreed on everything, it would be boring.

  7. Noah says:

    This show interests me for several reasons. First, the repurpusing aspect is very creative and though provoking. Second, the show is somewhat of a travel log in the same vein as American Pickers. Third, the reveal is the carrot that keeps us watching until the very end. Fourth is the interactions between the two gals, they are very sweet and comfortable with each other which translates to their people skills with the homeowners/business owners (and again, this is why I watch American Pickers). Fifth is the interest in the way they have chosen to showcase their finds in their showroom and the reaction from customers to their creative transformations.

    In defense of the gals, I have never lived in Texas but I have visited quite a few times since I have several relatives that live there and I can say that ladies do indeed dress that way for shopping/working/dating and “picking”. But I do have to admit that at first I thought they were putting it on pretty thick when they happened to wear the short shorts in every ding dang scene (it seemed like). But judging by what they wear back in the showroom they appear to be very comfortable showing their stems. And maybe that’s not a bad thing in the world of business in LA.

    Does the blonde remind anyone else of Julia Roberts?

    • Chuck says:

      Thanks for the insightful comment. Sorry, never thought of a connection with Julia Roberts. But she is a very attractive lady.

  8. dank says:

    I liked the show. Are they single?. Also I think the people in the places that have the old parts laying around overcharge the girls alittle too much and that the sisters need to bargain better for the junk parts they are buying to achieve better pricing on the finished parts.

    • Chuck says:

      The blonde is single. As far as pricing, the old saying of “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.” holds true here.

  9. Elynn says:

    Just watched the show for the first time last night! Loved it! The furniture pieces are fabulous… the only thing different that I would like to see – especially regarding the the real ‘standout’ pieces such as the swivel chairs made from truck fenders and the cage/box fan chaise lounge is some colorful, patterned, textured, mod/retro fabric – what great chairs but the ‘Plain Jane’ fabric doesn’t do all the time, effort and energy put into their creation justice!

    • Chuck says:

      Now I loved the fabrics. My mid century modern sofas had simialr fabrics, so I thought they fit the style. But it would be boring if we all liked the same things.

  10. mindy says:

    I have a barn that needs to be dismantled. The barn wood is for sale, hardware, many antiques, and farm tools? I would love to sell everything. Are you interested?

  11. REJ says:

    What isn’t staged these days, right down to those snaps of the family? I love to see them haggling…and they don’t always get their way. Remember the wormy log? I love their creativity and am soooo jealous that they get to make a living doing this. I do it because I love it but unfortunately have to work also. Would love the VW chair in my backyard. Having been brought up in a family of girls, I love the comradery even when it’s raining or hot and sticky. Go girls!!!!!

  12. frances kenworthy says:

    I love this show watch it all the time. but then i also loved Extreme Makeover too! I just have one question that has been bothering me. they went to a site and got “junk” for free in lieu of the giver receiving a gift from them.. where is the gift I would love to see that episode. Is it just me? Or did they forget? concerned…

    • Chuck says:

      Hi Frances, I agree they should have shown what they did in exchange for the things they got from thr guy. I was also looking forward to seeing what they were going to do for him. I doubt if they forgot doing something for him, maybe it just got edited out of the show, which is a shame if that was what happened. Maybe it will be shown in a coming episode.

  13. Shar says:

    Chuck,don’t get me wrong…I will continue to watch the show as well…like you, it keeps my creative juices flowing, & most all of my numerous Nationally Published designs that are in several different interior design magazines is on keeping the lid on costs..and thinking “outside the box”, so to speak. I too do the same thing in hunting down unusual pieces & re purposing them, & am learning to do the welding myself as I’ve found the labor costs are as bad if not much more in dealing with metal as when I design custom wood furniture. Yes, these pieces sell! People are willing to pay a hefty price for a one of a kind & should be. I love to put something really unusual, one of a kind pieces in spaces I do, they make great conversation pieces, & gives a room a feel all it’s own. I also agree all reality t.v. is scripted, but I was just saying I don’t think these gal’s need to script it as much as they are, I don’t think it would hurt the ratings to show them flying to another state, renting a SUV & trailer, & than sharing who wrote in to them with a treasure of troves to go through. (If the person didn’t want their name shared they wouldn’t have to). Shoot, anymore with gas prices flying might be cheaper! LOL! I do however think that one dis service is not putting in all the costs, Chuck if you also are a “picker/repurposer” you can appreciate what I’m talking about in being honest about the costs… They were way off, & if someone isn’t paying attention to detail it’s easy to over look the “glass top”, “materials” such as prep materials & labor, costs in primer, paint, welding…& the most costs of course is labor. And like you said in the “real world” you’d factor in the airplane ride, hotel stay, renting the SUV’s, trailer, fuel not to mention the rent of their shop on “Rodeo Drive”… But it’s t.v.. As far as them wearing the Daisy dukes w/ boots come sun or rain…the way I look at it is as long as it keeps my husband watching it w/ me-girls keep wearing ‘em!

    • Chuck says:

      Shar, I really appreciate the comments about the show. And I have no problem with people disagreeing with me. It is just my opinions expressed. If you look at any other articles on my site, I am basically just sharing what we (my wife and I) have learned in our 25+ years in the antique business. I want to help others that are trying to make it in the business on one hand, as well as help buyers. In this economy it is tough in this business.
      I just visited the Antique Archaeology store in Nashville that just opened recently. It is more like a museum gift shop than an antique store, but I enjoyed the visit. Both of the shows are TV and for entertainment. As are most of the “reality” shows. Like the guys on “Storage Wars” said. They don’t show the hundreds of units we buy that are duds, just the ones that are interesting.
      I don’t even know if the “Picker Sisters” really have a store that you can visit. I have tried to look it up several times with no luck. If anyone actually knows if it exists and where it is, would appreciate a comment. But, please keep the comments coming. I hope the show sticks around a while and glad you appreciate some of the things they do. My in-laws here in Alabama do not “get it” at all. Buyt their repurposed things would sell well at Round Top in TX.
      Would love to see some of your work, where are you located? Feel free to get a free plug here. This article has had over 8,000 views. I say that because you have contributed meaningful comments which have contributed to the article and I really appreciate that, so a free plug is the least I can offer.

  14. Shar says:

    Chuck, thanks for the idea in putting my business out there. I live in Damascus, Oregon. Right now, I’m having a website made for our excavation business, Cipriano Construction Co., it’s been around for 50+ yrs., & my husband took it over 25+ yrs. ago. Anywho, after his website is up & running than we will be working on mine. I changed my business name from, Reflections of You, to Shar Cipriano Interior Designs. On that I will have a “press” page of the magazine shoots, & a “Portfolio” page where you can check out some of my other work. Chuck, is your antique store in Nashville, or in Georgia? I’m an antique freak! Do you have a website? If so, would love to see it!
    When I wrote my last message I got off the message board without bringing up something you most surely would be familiar with…on the “Picker Sisters” another HUGE cost that they never factor in is the upholstery. I’m sure you’ve worked w/ clients who want to reupholster an antique sofa and they could go out & buy 3 new sofa’s for the same price! And when your dealing w/ industrial pieces it’s often harder, just depends. Like you will read in the magazine articles I tell the readers that my guy who does my upholstery is a friend who is a retired upholsterer, so he does it for less than 1/2 the cost.
    I’m w/ you on letting others know if they have an “artsy” side, give it a go. In fact, in our State we have a college & on weekends pipefitters, & student welders come in & meet w/ us to weld our idea’s….& take a percentage of the sell price. I decided I’m not afraid to get my hands dirty, so my brother is going to start teaching me how to weld…if their is someone out there reading this & wants to learn to do the same their are inexpensive, non credited classes you can take @ your local community college.
    Lastly, t.v. is t.v. …just like “Pawn Stars” alot of that is scripted but I love to watch some of the unusual or extremely old antiques & learning about them. I think anymore everything is a bit scripted, like the books I’m in it shows both my kitchen & bath remodels, & in the back of the book you can read “how” I did it, in fact I think you can look it up on the web, Budget Makeovers, Give your home a new look, by Women’s Day Specials. You can take a peak inside the book, & when you get to the back it tell’s how I did it….& I have not a clue how they came up w/ the details except maybe spoke to a upholsterer of their own! So it goes….

    • Chuck says:

      I think many of the TV shows have to be scripted to be good TV. On our antique buying trips to England, there was a show (also shown here for a while) where two teams were given an amount of money and had “one hour” at an antique show to make the best buys they could find and then they took them to an auction to see whose items would bring the most. You could see them shopping all day and doing several takes to get the scene right. The “one hour” took all day. But it was a fun show
      Thanks for including the tips to readers on learning new things and ways of branching out in their business.
      We had our own refinishing shop for years and that helped us a lot on cutting our expenses and brought in needed income when sales were slow. Anything you can learn to do yourself is a big benefit as long as you realize that time is money. Sometimes it is cheaper to let someone do the work than invest in expensive equipment and materials, especially if you will not be using them often. But, guys especially, and my wife, love tools. When we semi retired and sold most of our tools, some were only used a couple of times. But there were others that were nearly owrn out from all of the use.

      Anyway, thanks again for your contributions to the discussion.

  15. Karen says:

    I love this show but have searched in vain for their web site or the store. I pine for the chairs that were made out of the horse harnesses and would like to purchase them. It seems that they would want to give the public a way to see the magic and purchase it if interested. Is there a store?

    • Chuck says:

      I have not been able to find a store, so don’t know if there really is one. Here is the web site for the show. You will not be able to purchase those chairs because they are actually giving them away to one luck fan. You can register for the drawing here on the show’s site: If I discover there actually is a store I will be sure and give details on an update.

  16. Karen says:

    I was excited to hear that there was to be a sweepstake to win these chairs. However, when I try to enter I keep getting this You are not authorized to access this page. Any advise? Plus my tevio reports that there are no new episodes.

    • Chuck says:

      I’m not sure why you were not able to enter. You might have to register for the site, I really can’t remember what I had to do. I tweeted Tanya the other day and she said there is no word yet on whether they will be picked up for another season and more episodes. So keep your fingers corossed and make some comments on Lifetime and the History Channel that you want more episodes.

  17. art says:

    plesae bring back the picker sisters, they are nice to look at and have great ideas please please

    • Chuck says:

      Still no word on whether they will be picked up for second season. You can contact Lifetime and The History Channel to let them know you want them back.

  18. Debbie says:

    I did not care for the show but love the “American Pickers”. The gals were just wanting to look cute and really REAL pickers and not interesting to watch. I hope it cancelled.

    • Chuck says:

      I think you might be missing the main purpose of the show. These ladies both have great design careers and the show wanted to show how you can find things in out of the way places and repurpose them into something unique and interesting. Because you don’t care for the show, is no reason for it to be cancelled. You certainly don’t have to watch, but you may get your wish, there is still no word on where there will be a second season. They don’t have to look cute, they were blessed with good looks.

  19. mjp575 says:

    I would like to know where the store is and also more about the large arrow sign that they put the bull image on. I would really love that or something similar in my home im redecorating. Great concept!

  20. Chuck says:

    Glad you enjoyed some of the projects. I think the store was for the purpose of the show and is not open, from my research.

  21. mikesvintagetoys says:

    I have been a picker for 30 years, I used to knock on doors and ask people for stuff, Azizona was the best place to pick. How can I get an autographed photo of the Sister Pickers?

  22. Alisa says:

    I LOVE repurposing items & have considered starting my own repurposing items (not as industrial as Picker Sisters, though). I really liked this show A LOT & pray they have are carried another season. I thought most of their ideas using some of the rusty, old junk metal were amazing & showed incredibly artistic & creative vision on their part (as well as their contractor/assistant – he’s awesome!). After reading some of the former posts regarding their attire – yes, it’s not always conducive for digging around in snake-infested weeds, but hey, they’re beautiful ladies & their shorts aren’t offensive! Most of us would dress like them if we could pull it off as well as they do – I sure would! If they don’t have a functioning store, they really should open one (even if it’s an on-line store) – MANY of their items are quite unique & would surely sell well. In the future, I hope they show a wider range of repurposed products – including some more easily replicated items. I thought this show was far more impressive than Cash & Cari (love the idea, & love the auction part of the show, but most of her repurposed items lack imagination). I love American Pickers as well, but I think the “Picker Sisters” take their “picks” to the next level by recycling them into highly creative, one-of-a-kind items! This was one of my favorite shows on television (and I watch all the reality shows)! Keep the “Sisters” going, History Channel!!
    Sidenote: I too wold love to see what the sisters created & sent the man!

    • Chuck says:

      Alisa, thanks for the comments. I appreciate all of the comments, even the ones who disagree with me. I hope the show gets picked up for a second season, I think it has a lot of potential to expand and get even better.

  23. pickless says:

    One of the few shows I looked forward to seeing, fun characters, lite plots, with creative results. The instrumental road trips & odd merchants are essential for their capers. The girls personalities blended so well, but how could anyone really make any money doing — ” repurposing”?

    Look forward to seeing more.

    • Chuck says:

      I think you would be suprised. I know several people who do fine just making lamps from other objects. With the craze in the industrial look, there are so many things that can be repurposed. Ialso hope we see more.

  24. clutter says:

    LOVED>>LOVED>>>LOVED the show and the girls. You have to remember what the intent of the show is…to make you think outside the box. Every show gave me new ideas and a jolt of brain busting ideas for other projects. I agree with your comment above “several people who do fine just making lamps from objects”. You’ll be able to see many of our new items at antique shows and fairs around the country including the famous Round Top Texas show. We make furniture and lighting out of reclaimed items. Each piece is fun, an object of art, a conversation piece a statement of individual style. Some of you might say that you’ve seen many of the items shown on Picker Sisters well there are many people who haven’t. If all else fails come up with some new ideas yourself and than fabricate them in to something purposeful.

    bring back oh bring back, bring back my sistes to me to me..bring back bring back bring back the Picker Sisters to me ;)

    • Chuck says:

      Clutter, glad you enjoyed the show as I did. I am VERY familiar with Round Top, we set up at Marburger for over 10 years and there are some articles on this site about the week and will do more in the future. I have some projects I need to finish on making some lamps from other things. It is a lot of fun to see how original you can be. But as you know this is one of the biggest copycat businesses there is. Hopefully the show will return and we can see some more ideas. FYI, Tanya (the brunette) was at the last Round Top and bought a bunch of stuff. She mentioned on her Twitter account that she went and responded to my tweet that she had to make two trips to pick up all she bought.

  25. Elizabeth says:

    I will be a very happy woman it Sister Pickers will be back on TV. Just loved the show

  26. Char says:

    I loved this show. I haven’t had time to read much of what was above, but I really would like to know if this show is coming back? Their style is rugged sexy and I loooooove it. I would also like to know if anyone has the style or brand of rain/mud boots they wear. I am a tall girl and haven’t been able to find a sturdy, thick, tall pair of rain/mud boots.

    • Chuck says:

      Still haven’t heard whether the show is coming back. I will give an update when I know something. And I am no help on their rain boots, but maybe some of the readers might know.

  27. mikesvintagetoys says:

    Any word on getting an autographed picture of the girls? Idea word if th eshow will be back?

    Thank you

  28. Secret Picker Sister Crew Person says:

    There will be no season 2 just as an FYI.

    • Chuck says:

      This is the first time I have heard they will not return and have seen no official announcement anywhere. I know the show is now being seen in Australia and picking up new fans. If there will be no more shows, I know there will be many, many disappointed fans, as you can see by all of the comments. I have had as many as 5,000 visitors in a month read this article.

  29. Lori says:

    Well, did they “really” have a store, and is it still out there? I didn’t realize I was watching reruns! LOL… didn’t know the show was cancelled… I’m an HGTV fanatic, but with my late night schedule, all I see are stupid HOUSE HUNTERS INTERNATIONAL… like WHO cares!!!! Show me some good Picker Sister kinda stuff!

    • Chuck says:

      I haven’t found an official announcement that there will be no more episodes, but I am just a blogger and a big fan myself. I just posted the comment that someone sent in. I don’t think there was ever a store, unless it was a temporary one for the show. Many people loved this show and the two young ladies and their innovative ideas. It will be a shame if there are no more episodes.

    • Secret Picker Sister Crew Person says:

      No, the store is no longer there. It was on Melrose in Hollywood just as it was shown.

  30. what the heck says:

    I don’t understand why everyone is so harsh on this show and these women. I especially don’t understand why there are all these people pissed off about the women in Picker Sisters yet they praise the other shows, like American Pickers or even American Restoration. I was just googling to see if Picker Sisters would be renewed ever or if it was cancelled and ran across comments here, IMDB, and other places.

    Why is it such a problem that they “chatter” so much? I mean honestly, American Pickers is as “bad” as than they were. And I really like American Pickers, but Frank and Mike are really aggressive in their intonation, their phrasing, the way they speak to the cameras… and they didn’t stop talking to each other. These ladies were just out having fun, enjoying themselves… Why do they need to be compared to two man’s men doing the same?

    This makes no sense to me.

    Also, who cares what they wear? If they get ticks then they get ticks. It’s damn hot in some of the places they went and it’s not like they were walking around in stilettos. They had on boots. If they wanted to have bare legs then who cares?

    I say this being a 29 year old woman who DOESN’T dress like that and who actually does get annoyed by young teenage women wearing similar clothing. But the reason I get annoyed with teenagers and not older women is because I think these older women wear it because they like it and teenagers are more likely to wear things simply because it’s a trend.

    I actually really enjoyed this show and was hoping it would continue. I always liked the makeover type shows and honestly I’ve stopped watching the last season or two of American Pickers because it started getting old to me. They drive around, yell at the camera aggressively about what they like and why, list alleged prices things were, then show it dumped off at the store and that’s that. The show is about the pick itself which can be fun to watch but after a few seasons, I grew bored.

    I really liked how Picker Sisters took everyday junk and made it into something new. I liked that the end of it WASN’T just the pick. It was like it took bits of the pick from American Pickers, then showed a finalized new product like American Restoration. I enjoyed having both aspects in one show because it made it less repetitive to me.

    I also actually really liked some of their designs and I don’t always like those “I made this junk into something beautiful!” designs people try to push out for high prices sometimes. But in this case I did.

    And yeah they did charge a lot of money for the finished products so that’s probably how they could afford all those unseen expenses (plus, let’s be honest, I’m sure they got money for being on tv too) — and that’s the same it would be for ANY of these kinds of shows. American Pickers, American Restoration, Pawn Stars, etc… everyone gets a bit of a gift and a bit of a curse with that camera crew following them around because even though I’m sure the cameras help get them in some places, it probably also means they don’t get into others.

    This show wasn’t touted as anything other than two women having fun and trying to make something new out of something old, and that’s exactly what they did. It never claimed to be some sort of strict How To on picking… it was just a new take on a (by now) old topic of picking with the added bonus of a different (by now) old topic of reinvention.

    If I sound a bit defensive I’m not, I’m just extremely confused as to why everyone’s freaking out on these ladies and then using basically the exact same situation in other shows as reasons for why THIS show is so terrible but THOSE shows were OMG SO AMAZING.

    They’re the same thing, people. Seriously. If you’re freaking out on Picker Sisters then you may as well freak out on the others. And if you’re going to do that then just stop watching these kinds of shows altogether because you’ll never be happy.

    If you don’t like the ladies, then that’s fine, but I personally didn’t see anything wrong with them at all and I REALLY don’t have a high tolerance for vacuous women. If anything, I have an intolerance for vacuous women.

    But I didn’t think they were ditzy at all. I thought they were rather charming to be honest, because they rambled around in their LA clothing with their LA style and they weren’t jerks about it. They were just being themselves. They seemed truly excited about what they were doing.

    So why it’s okay for Mike Wolfe to scream at the tv camera shaking his fists and talking like he’s in the middle of a race car drag show when he’s describing a gas pump, and NOT okay for these ladies to ponder whether they can afford an extra pile of chain and what they imagine they could do with it, is completely beyond me. I feel like they’re receiving a lot of weirdly unfair backlash possibly just because they’re women and they don’t dress like they’re slobs picking through garbage.

  31. Ab Lincoln says:

    How annoying are these two imbeciles?…..Very! I hope the show is cancelled. I can’t stand it.

    • Chuck says:

      Everyone has their own view and the reason I allow comments. I think they are two pretty sharp young ladies.

  32. Michelle says:

    Miss the show. I hope thye conisder airing it again.

    • Chuck says:

      Yes, as you can see from the other comments, many people enjoyed seeing how the girls would redo things they found into something quite different aqnd interesting. Whether people thought it was all too unbelievable or not, they did have a great eye for transforming and repurposing old things.

  33. Anastasia says:

    Will the show ever come back? What is your opinion?
    I enjoyed their creativity and that is somethiing you do not see in the other picker shows.
    I loved their personalities and miss the show.

    • Chuck says:

      I don’t think so. For whatever reason, seems they decided not to renew it. You can tell from my article and responses, I also enjoyed it.

  34. Hi ……….
    I have been a collector, a dealer, a lover of all things old that they just don’t make anymore and never will again since I was probably 10. Their show is a cutsey spinoff of the other shows and they will be success in their own niche market because of the simple principle of buying for less then you ultimately sell it for, gas included today……

    I would love to be a buyer for them, not only just my stuff but I go to lots of southern Arizona auctions and can pick up their stuff as cheaply or less then they are paying and the only hang up is that we would all have to have FUN. Money…….of course we make that, that is a given, but if ya can’t have the fun with it all, then ya might as well just stay home…………….Any interest???????? Brian

  35. Samosisimo says:

    Bummer! I went on line to see when new episodes will air to find out the show has been cancelled! :0( I live in New Mexico and God only knows I have dived into my share of barns looking for interesting things.

  36. darla says:

    I think it is really a shame Picker Sisters was cancelled. I enjoy watching the reruns, which I am doing now. I think the girls were funny as crap, silly, and charming. I get inspired by their creativity.

    There have been a few American Pickers episodes where they talk about some people they come up to that aren’t very friendly and how they’re not welcomed at every place they go to. They have even “backflashed” to scenes that show pretty mean people telling them to get off their property. So I’m sure the same happened with Picker Sisters.

    I think the difference between the two shows and why the girls were not received as well in the ratings, is because when Mike and Frank are being corny it’s more in a macho way, but the girls are just scene as ditzes. Again, it is a shame. Hope to see Tracy and Tanya in the near future.

  37. I am so upset Picker Sisters did not have more success. With so much ‘garbage’ on reality tv, their show was a breath of fresh air. Anything ‘picker’ related is the absolute bomb today. Why they didn’t make it is beyond me. All I can say is a better door, vintage door that is, lies in their future.

    Girls, you are a bundle of talent, personality, charm, humour and smokin righteousness! Let not this be your final cry!!

    Let me know when that door opens! I can’t wait!!!

    Be blessed,


  38. Joe 12-Pack says:

    I really like these girls and all but they have NO business sense whatsoever. They never haggled and always ended up paying WAY too much for stuff.

    Their L.A. store did not stay open too long after the TV money was gone.

    With a carpenter(s) on payroll, rent on the store, shipping or driving items back to L.A. (which I doubt they really did) that is a lot of expenses.

  39. Erin says:

    “I loved this show!”- (Wished the hell it was still on!)… These two girls are total characters & have awesome, very fun personalities. (“Perhaps we just have a lot of haters out there!”) I I had bodies like those gals, I’d be shakin’ what my momma gave me, too! I don’t feel the girls had a fair shake with Lifetime! –
    (“I feel like the network really dropped the ball on this one!”)… I wish them well in their endeavors!

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