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Popular Antiques to Buy and Sell

 In this section of our web site, we will be discussing some of the popular antiques and collectibles to buy and sell. I welcome any requests or suggestions. I will start with the many different things we have sold through the years. If you read the article I wrote on my favorite place to shop and buy antiques, England, there will be many posts on English antiques and collectibles. But there will also be articles on American antiques as well as some other countries of origin.

I invite you to comeback often as I will be adding different articles on a regular basis. I wish I could start with fifteen or twenty articles, but I had to start somewhere. I will try to include some photos and maybe even a video every once in a while. You know what they say about a picture is worth a thousand words. Within each article, I will try to point out what to look for in a particular antique and also things you might want to avoid.

If there are current trends within that field, I will try to discuss these trends. An example from my first post which will be on English transferware, is the most popular color for the last five years or so is brown and white transfer ware. But blue and white transferware was produced in much larger quantities than any other colors. Those are the types of things that will be discussed.

We will be talking about antique furniture from Georgian to mid century modern. There will be articles on some of the classics like American pottery like Roseville and Weller to some of the more recent collectibles like English Wade miniatures, and hopeful many things in between. As you can see this will be quite an undertaking. I just want to share my love for antiques which have been such an important part of my life for the last twenty-five plus years. So I will not only post on my favorites, but others also.Popular Antiques to Buy and Sell

This literally will become a multi year project because there are so many different antiques and collectibles. As I often say to people, the more I learn about antiques, the more I learn there are more things that I don’t know and will never know. But hopefully I will be covering some of your favorites and maybe you will discover something you didn’t know or you will introduced to an antique or collectible that you previously know little or nothing about. Many times I have developed a love for a style of antiques after I studied it and gained an appreciation of it. Please let me know if you have something you would like me to write about. And be sure to check back often and read about other popular antiques.

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  1. judy says:

    I have always loved antiques and have been a dealer for the past three years. I learned so much from all your experience that you freely shared. Thank you! Judy from Michigan

    • Chuck says:

      Judy, Thanks so much for the kind words. That is the reason I write the articles on this site. Tha antiques business was our life for so many uears and still is. We wanted to share what we learned in all of those years so others could hopefully pick up a few pointers that might help them be more successful. Please consider passing the site on to others so they might enjoy it also. Good luck in your business.

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