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Wade Figurines

I discovered these wonderful Wade figurines quite by accident. We were set up at a local flea market and a couple of women asked us if we had any Wade whimsies. I asked her for a little more detail and she said they were small miniature animals and nursery rhyme figures. I said we didn’t, but would try to find some before the next flea market.

Wade Figurines From Red Rose Tea

This was before computers and the internet, so we did some research in a trade magazine and found a source for these Wade figurines. The ones that these ladies were seeking were given away as premiums in Red Rose Tea starting in the seventies. This tea company started in Canada and eventually expanded into the U.S. If you bought a box of Red Rose Tea, there was a Wade porcelain figurine inside. Depending on the promotion it could be either an animal known as whimsies or a small nursery rhyme figure. In England, Wade had been making these porcelain figurines for years and selling them in their retail line. These Wade figurines from the fifties are more colorful and have more detail. I have shown a photo of a rhino from the fifties as well as one from the seventies so you can see the difference. There were a total of 24 nursery rhyme figures and 67 whimsies from the seventies. I am giving dates because Wade is still producing figurines and Red Rose Tea is still offering premiums. Some of these are now being offered as mail order only.Wade Figurines

In those original Red Rose Tea promotions there always seems to be a few of the Wade figurines that are more difficult to find. Some are obvious. Like the Gingerbread Man which was very thin and easily broken. The same for the butterfly and a few others. But the Three Bears was hard to find as well as the Poodle which was a little larger than the other animals for some reason. These commanded higher prices. We had customers who were avid collectors and wanted to make sure they had complete sets. We had one lady who bought a complete set of the animals for each new grandchild. Some of the figurines had variations through the years of production and some of these are much harder to find.

Red Rose Tea also offered a series of Whoppas, which were a larger set of animals. They were available by mail order only, and were short lived because of a strike by the Canadian postal workers. There are twenty of these in the series and it is getting very difficult to make a complete set of these. Wade also made a series of larger nursery rhymes that were available in their retail line. There were some slight differences in the smaller line and the larger ones. And as I previously said, Red Rose tea continues to offer various Wade miniatures to this day.Wade figurines

Other Wade Figurines

Wades‘s retail line of figurines is much more extensive than the figurines given away by Red Rose Tea. Most of these Wade figurines were also in their retail line and a few of them were available only in retail. Still others of these were used to make little trays called whimtrays. They have also made several series of Wade figurines for Disney representing some of their beloved characters.

Wade also did many different figurines for Tom Smith Party Crackers. If you are not familiar with a party cracker, it is a tube filled with party favors and sometimes streamers and confetti, that is wrapped and has strings on each end that you pull causing a pop (or crack), getting its name form the popping sound. Sometimes these were made exclusively for Tom Smith and others used figurines from Wade’s retail line.

There are some wondeful price guides on all of these Wade figurines and many others not discussed in this article. Here are a few of the best Wade price guides. Wade of Ireland also had an extensive line of Wade figurines. Here is a comparison chart for some of the best Wade price guides:

Title The World of Wade Whimsies Wade Miniatures: An Unauthorized Guide to Whimsies, Premiums, Villages, And Characters (Schiffer Book for Collectors) The World of Wade Ireland (Schiffer Book for Collectors) The World of Wade: Book 2 : Collectable Porcelain and Pottery World of Wade: Figurines & Miniatures II
Author Mike Posgay Donna S. Baker Mike Posgay Mike Posgay Mike Posgay
Binding Paperback Paperback Paperback Paperback Hardcover
Manufacturer Schiffer Publishing Schiffer Pub Ltd Schiffer Publishing Antique Pubns Schiffer Publishing
NumberOfPages 224 192 159 188 392
PublicationDate 2008-06-28 2001-08-30 2007-07 1994-10 2011-03-20
Title The World of Wade Whimsies Wade Miniatures: An Unauthorized Guide to Whimsies, Premiums, Villages, And Characters (Schiffer Book for Collectors) The World of Wade Ireland (Schiffer Book for Collectors) The World of Wade: Book 2 : Collectable Porcelain and Pottery World of Wade: Figurines & Miniatures II
Price $22.12 $16.95 $16.40 $24.77 $49.99
Reviews Read Reviews Read Reviews Read Reviews Read Reviews Read Reviews
Link More Info More Info More Info More Info More Info

Sometimes a series had very limited production and made those particular miniature more difficult to find. One of those directly affected us when we were one of the largest dealers of Wade miniatures in the U.S. Wade made several series of miniature houses called Whimsy-on-Why. Then they made a limited series called the Painted Ladies which was a set of colorful houses and a cable car from San Francisco. These were proving popular because of their colorful houses and they were also representing something from the U.S. But there was some problem with contracts and they were suddenly discontinued. Because of this limited production, it is difficult to find a complete set of these if they weren’t bought at the time of production.

Wade made many other figurines. There were the Wade families, which were a group of three whimsical animals, a mother and two babies. Similar to these were the dog books. One “book” contains the adult dog and the next one had two puppies. The box these came in was made to look like a book. We currently have a large selection of these for sale as well as many other Wade figurines. I will try to find all of them (now in storage) and give alink for the complete list with prices.

Wade also made larger figurines, some of them were beautiful. There was a series of birds and very large animals. We owned several of these at one time, but sold them to customers who asked for them. I regret selling these now because they are nearly impossible to find.

Wade made many other items besides these whimsical Wade figurines. One example was a series of kitchen items based on the cottages from the Whimsey-on-Why series. There were four canisters, a tea pot, salt and pepper, cheese dish and another storage container. I could go on and on. I have added a video showing many examples of these wonderful whimsical Wade figurines.

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  1. Caleigh says:

    Hey, I have a large collection of wade figurines, if anyone is interested in purchasing them from me give me a shout at . There’s 50+ in the collection all in good condition, large variety.

    • Chuck says:

      Hope someone sees your comment and gets in touch with you. Are all of yours animals or do you have some nursery figures also?

  2. Christine says:

    would love to have a list of your items for sale. Regards Christine.

    • Chuck says:

      Christine, will take a little digging. We moved and most of the stock is still in storage boxes in storage. But will try to get to it and send you a list.

  3. Jim says:

    I have a few hundred of these from my mother. Does anyone know the value of the Noahs Ark set with the Ark?

    • Chuck says:

      On eBay there are several sets, one complete for $39 and one complete set in original boxes, $45. I have found that recent figurines are not too valuable yet. But some of the older, more rare pieces are doing pretty well. When I was selling when eBay first started, prices were higher and very stable. I could tell waht something was going to bring on eBay before I even listed it. But once eBay became international, more stock became available for sale, and prices dropped.

  4. Kathy says:

    I have a collection of Red Rose Tea Figurines they are in mint condition. If you would like to see what I have please email me and I will send you all that I have to see.You can reach me at

  5. Catherine says:

    Hello all. Have approx 19 Wade Red Rose figurines. They are loose (not a full set) as they are doubles that I have hung onto. Anyone interested in which ones tey are or to purchase, drop me a line. Cheers!

  6. Carrie says:

    Hi there! I too have about 70 of these figurines. Some from the older sets included. Does anyone know where I could sell them all? I don’t want to do ebay or amazon because I don’t think my page would get enough attention. I’d just like to sell them. Please let me know!

    • Chuck says:

      What I might do is start a buy and sell of Wade figurines here. If you will send a few photographs of your collection and how much you want for them, I will post them on the site. Haven’t done this before, but it might be fun to try to have a buy or sell place on the site. If I get enough interest, we can do this. Anyone else who is interested may also do this.

  7. Bonnie says:

    I have a complete set of the Nursery Rhyme figurines. Mint condition in a glass covered display box. I have been told to keep the set intact and not sell it piece by piece. Can you tell me what would I should ask for the set? Thank you!

  8. Bonnie says:

    Sorry – I had the wrong email on the first go. I would like to know a price range on what I might get for a complete set of the Wade Nursery Rhyme figures.
    Thank you!

    • Chuck says:

      Hi Bonnie, I would check on eBay to see what a complete set is selling for now. But I am not sure I would do it that way. Many people have part of the set and need individual pieces. It depends on how you are going to sell them. I always price mine individually in the antique mall and did the same in our store.

  9. Mary says:

    I am just now discovering about Wade figurines. I am interested in little houses. Does anyone know how many were made ?

    • Chuck says:

      Hi Mary, in the original English sets, there were three sets of 8 for a total of 24. Each set of 8 were like a little village. They actually had a folding cardboard layout showing roads, etc and a place for each house that formed the village. Some of these , like the windmill, are hard to find in tact because the propeller part was separate and got broken easily. Later, Wade came out with a set of storage containers (like a covered cheese and butter dish as well as 4 storage canisters) that were in the shape of these houses.

      There was, for a very brief time, a set called “Painted Ladies” of San Francisco (if I remember the name correctly. They were very colorful and cute, with even a little cable car. There was a problem in licensing and they were discontinued very quickly.

    • Englishwades says:

      Mary. There are actually 5 sets plus 3 other sets with different names. Plus there are separate ones also like cornation street which had 3 pieces. I would recommend you getting a wade book where they are all listed. I’m proud to say I have them all, it took me almost 30 years. Have fun and open your wallet. Lol

  10. jan crawford says:

    To whom ever…. I have just discovered 20 little whimsies mostly nersury rhyme figurine including gingerbread man three bears jack n jill mary mary , little miss muffett and several houses… I am in australia anyone interested

  11. Mary philippus says:

    To jan crawford
    I am collecting these for my two grown boys, I almost have 2 full sets. I need 3 bears, gingerbread man, mother goose, jack, Jill. Also need baa baa black sheep and red riding hood.
    I just paid 20$ for shipping from Canada to Texas I don’t know if that was bad price or not but it sure hurt my pocketbook added in AFTER paying for the figurines…on the other hand if he is very careful on wrapping them it’s worth the extra cost.
    I Would hope if I can purse from you that we can decide all that ahead of time….
    Need to know if yours are in MINT condition. Those will be the ones I am interested in. Not sure if I can write my email in the body of this letter so here goes ;-/
    Jewel6152@ YA&%%. Com

    • Chuck says:

      Hi Jan,
      I will check to see if we have all of those or not. I do think $20 was probably too high for shipping those, but it does cost more shipping internationally. I might add that your email did not show up as a complete email. I would have emailed you, hope you see this, will comment here when I check stock.

  12. Irene says:

    Hi, I have an amount of Whimsies. And I also have two quite large World of Survival Series. A huge elephant and a large seal with baby. Where can I get more info on the value?

    Kind regards

    • Chuck says:

      The huge elephant is definitely from the World of Survivor Series. I have had that one. I think the large seal and baby are form the Blow Up Polar animals. Both of these are very rare these days and quite pricey. Most whimsies are pretty common. Here is someone selling some of these:

    • Anne says:

      Hi Irene, I would be willing to buy your world of survival series animals if you are looking to sell them.

      • marie roberts says:

        I have several nice wade figurines . I would like to sell them as a lot. At this point I n time , I am setting uo at the wade fest in pa in July . Would like to sell them before that. Thanks, marie roberts 7402942491

  13. teresa grissom says:

    have a large selection of wades for sale. most are sets but have alot of individual pieces also for a list please email me. reasonable prices.

  14. brittney stephens says:

    Hi i have a large collection of all different figurines that I’m looking to sell. Its between 30-40 figures. If anyones interested I’m willing to take offers :) thank you

  15. Dawn says:

    Hi, just inherited quite a collection and am wondering if there is a website anywhere that lists the pieces, individual and sets. Having a hard time tracking down information on some of these pieces and totally not able to figure out what pieces go with which!

    Thank you so much.

  16. Kiri Vellucci says:

    Hi I’m looking for anyone in Australia who is selling lots of wade whimseys or wade nursery rhymes. I got my first wades when I was a baby in 1975 a few nursery rhymes and Tom and jerry and recently googled Tom and jerry figurines to see what I could find and to my surprise have found this wonderful little world of wade. How excited I am with my new faze in life and wish I discovered it a long time ago, I bought some from overseas but shipping is so expensive so anyone selling in oz would be good to know.
    Thanks Kiri

  17. sarah says:

    Hi I have a small standing Wade doe deer which I cannot find a picture of on the net nor a description of. Can anyone tell me when this was made by Wade? It just says Wade England underneath. Could it be a recent item?
    Many thanks

  18. Darci says:

    Contact me via phone 989 493 5773
    I have quite a few wade whimsie glass figurines,
    I don’t want any of them. So give me a call if you interested and I’ll send pictures so you can check them out.
    Location: 1629 Arthur street Saginaw michigan.

  19. Discoverybeaver says:

    I have the full English box set collection 1 -12. 60 in total. Offers?

  20. Cheryl Gray says:

    I have pieces that I can only find in the books, listed as NPA (no price available) because they are so rare. I have the Snow White musical pitcher and the butter dish (shaped like the dwarfs house) from 1937 or 1938. They’re imperfect condition except for some crazing (76 years old), but no chips.

    I also have the Dumbo prototype from 1947. He is slightly larger than the ones sold to the public, has a green hat, yellow collar, and is gray with pink in his ears. I found his picture in a pricing book, but I can’t find him anywhere online (too rare probably). Do you know if he’s one of a kind? Or did they make more than one prototype? Again, he’s listed as NPA.

    I had over 500 wades I collected over a few years, but have donated the less expensive and less rare ones to non profits. I’m down to about 30 now, but they are very rare. Do you know of anyone I could contact (a dealer?) who would want to buy them?

    • Tracey says:

      I am interested in buying job lots of wade whimsies. Email me at to discuss.

  21. Cheryl Gray says:

    Correction….they’re IN PERFECT condition….not imperfect. What a tragic spellcheck error!

  22. Monte Allred says:

    Large collection for sale anyone interested please contact me over 200 pieces

  23. Kristina Crofut says:

    I am looking for the Wade Red Rose Calendar Display Shelf. If anyone has one for sale please contact me!

    I am also looking for Wade Whimsey-on-why #16, 33, 34, 35, 36 if anyone is selling.

    Just email me thanks so much!


  24. Kim says:

    I am looking to buy – I lost my job and am just selling these at flea markets – trying to get a set at a good price

  25. Brad says:

    We have a full set of wade pigs for sale if anyone is interested… Open for offers.

    Please email

  26. Mary I says:

    I have an extensive complete sets and extra Wade figurines..Some are still in original bags. They are from they first came out to now. If interested please contact me by ….located in Rome, NY

  27. Tom says:

    Looking to buy….One complete set of the Wade / “Painted Ladies San Francisco Mansions”. All must be in mint condition….I need the Pink, White, Brown, & Blue ladies along with he Cable Car. if you have them at a fair price contact me at the following e-mail address:
    Thanks ever so much….

  28. Andrea says:

    I stumbled across this site while trying to research some older Wades I have and see quite a few people are trying to get rid of them… I am actually a Wade and related to the family that started producing them. My Grandmother is an avid collector, and to kind of trickled down to me. I would certainly be interested in some…. My email address is thanks!

    • Melissa says:

      Hello Andrea,

      I have about 80-100 if these wade figures. Please email me if you are still interested.

    • cam says:

      Hi back in the seventies I got some in the crackers but I also bought some at the Zoo in England. Not sure if any are worth value just starting to look them up. May part with some to sell. Email me if interested

  29. Emma says:

    I’m looking to sell my collection of childhood’s hard to work out but some are quiet common whilst others maybe a little rarer..some 1950s – rhino, pony,’cub, 2 boxed my fair ladies, larger size hippo, larger size tiger and larger sized wolf, small nursey rhymes. Can be contacted at and happy to sent pictures. Many thanks

  30. Emma says:

    These are just examles there are about 150 in total..most are in perfect condition.

  31. Gary says:

    Hello, I have a wade figurine of man holding a hat and what I think is a cloak painted entirely in blue , I can find no information on the web other than the stamp is from 1937 if anyone can help my email is

  32. Dave Knibbs says:

    I have a full set of original 1930s Snow White & the seven dwarths , other than the usual flakey cellulose paint they are in great shape !
    I am open to sensible offers for the set , they have been boxed & wrapped since the 50s !
    Anyone interested I am located on south coast of England & can send pictures !
    Thanks for reading

  33. Jane says:

    Hello Everyone

    Due to a change in circumstances I have a hoard of Wade for sale.

    Many old pieces of higher value.

    Please contact me for photographs and details.



  34. Wendy says:

    Hi there! I stumbled upon this thread trying to find the value of a couple of pieces I found. I usually collect hagen renaker, not wade, so do not know much about them. I have (someone told me they are first whimsies) a fawn and mother deer. Any info is greatly appreciated!

  35. Fay Gubin says:

    Hello. I have “inherited” 33 Wade figurines from my mom all in excellent condition. 5 pieces of the Circus series, 8 zoo animals, 10 sea figurines, owls, raptors, a rabbit, dog, a couple camels. I’m hoping to sell the whole lot. I’m happy to send pictures. Please contact me for more information at

  36. Ted joiner says:

    Have a broad spectrum of the canadaian and us wade tea figurines for sale, really good prices on larger orders. Also a few from the 50′s.
    Ted in canada

  37. Annette Kasnekaw says:

    I have a large collection of Wade figurines that are for sale as a large lot. It ranges from the 1930s thru 2000 with a few newer pieces. If interested, please contact me.

  38. Marilu McGirk says:

    I have some extra figurines, I am looking for the tea crates in the new American heritage collection.
    Email me at
    Thank you!

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