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We will be talking about events and news about antiques. There will be announcements of major shows and auctions that attract national attention. I will also try to post interesting news stories about antiques. It is impossible to announce every antique show and auction, but will try to announce the important ones. And, yes, I know that what is important is an individual

To find auctions in your area,  recommend checking out AuctionZip. It is a handy service that list auctions by category and you enter your zip code and how far away you are willing to drive, and it will show an auction calendar for the month listing all of the relevant auctions. If you love going to estate sales in your area, I suggest trying Estate Sales.Net. There might also be local sites that focus on the sales in your area.

I hope you enjoy this section of our site Buying and Selling  Antiques. If you know of an important antique show or auction of national importance, feel free to let us know. We also welcome gust posts with your review and photos of major antique shows or antique fairs as they are called in other places. Check back often to find the latest events and news about antiques.

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