Fall 2011 Round Top Antiques Update

It is about time for the Fall 2011 Round Top antiques extravaganze to kick off. There have been some concerns about all of the fires in Texas and how this would affect Round Top. Have no fears, the fires are mile away from the round Top antiques show venues. But be prepared for hot weather. The 10 day forecast for the week before the big shows has some showers forecast, but we will see. They are having a record setting  drought in Texas and Oklahoma, so rain would certainly be welcome. But expect temperatures in the upper 80s and 90s and dress accordingly and bring plenty of sun screen.

As most of you know, many of the dealers save up their best merchandise for these shows. With the scorching temperatures in parts of the country, the antique business has been off through the summer. So I imagine the dealers will have great merchandise for you to see.

Many of the dealers setting up in the fields and their own tents will start setting up around September 20th or 21st. These include some of the large dealers who do a lot of business with the antiques trade. The major shows kick off  September 27th when Marbuger Farms Antique Show starts. The other shows like the Big Red Barn start the next day. If you have not been to these shows before see my articles  on Round Top and Marburger.

This short post was just to remin you of the dates and to let you know that all of the fires will not affect the shows. Check the wether forecast before you leave home, but be prepared for rain, even if they are in the middle of a drought. Round Top antiques week always seems to bring some kind of crazy weather. Hope to see you there!

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