Junk Gypsies of Round Top Fame

If you are one of the many regulars that make the twice a year trek to Round Top Week, you no doubt know the sisters, Amie and Jolie Sykes, known as the Junk Gypsies. They are known for all of their funky creations and unusual antique finds.. These talented ladies now have their own TV show on HGTV. Unlike the other Texas ladies that had the “Picker Sisters” TV show, these two really are sisters.

If you are a really die hard follower of Round Top you know about these girls’ Thursday night Prom Night. This is a giant party to let down your hair, put on your favorite 50’s prom dress and enjoy a night of partying. Originally, they were just going to have a few friends over after the shopping day was over. But now it has turned out to be the place to be on Thursday evening and well over a thousand show up. Many ladies spend weeks trying to find the right outfit to wear to this giant party. But that is just part of the fun of Round Top. Besides all of the wonderful antiques and junk, seeing all of the outfits that people wear. It is a great people watching place. Just wanted to share that these ladies know how to throw a party.

Junk Gypsies

Courtesy of HGTV

But back to their new TV program on HGTV. I have seen two episodes, as it is a brand new program. In the first episode they had a job to do a complete remodel of a Airstream for country music star, Dierks Bentley. Some of the highlights included using a guitar as a hanging light fixture. They found a couple of old doors and used them as an entrance ton the bedroom. They made a resin table full of old posters and used a cut down church pew for part of the seating. A small buffet was used as the basis for the kitchen sink. They tried to incorporate the two halves of a motorcycle gas tank, but ended up using just one half as a unique wall light. It is fun to see how they take their finds and repurpose them into unique decorating ideas. They do it in a similar way to the way the “Picker Sisters” did on their program. These young ladies are also attractive like those other two but maybe they will not take the criticism for the way they dress. So far I have seen no shorts, mainly jeans.

The second show I saw was redoing what had originally been a daughter’s bedroom. Now they were redesigning into a workroom for a creative client who loved crafting and scrap booking., as well as just spending some alone time on her computer. Probably the most unique piece they did on this job was taking the top, upright part of a nonworking pinball machine and repurposing it into a unique table top.

If you love antiques and junking, you should love this show. I get so tired of many of the design shows that never incorporate antiques in their design ideas. These girls not only use antiques, they take many pieces of what many would consider junk, and repurpose it into something unique. You will not love all of their ideas, but it fun to other people’s creative ideas, especially talent ones like the Junk Gypsies. You can see their program on HGTV on Saturday evening at 6:00 CST. Also be sure and not miss their set up at that wonderful antique week known as Round Top. If you are there on Thursday, don’t miss their Prom Night. You can follow them on their blog @ http://junkgypsyblog.com/. You can also catch past episodes at HGTV. The photo also comes from HGTV.

Recent Update/ October  2012

Just came back from the Round Top antique shows and saw that the Junk Gypsiaes have just about completed their new store in Round Top and should have it open real soon. So if you are a fan of the sisters and their show, stop by and check out their new store if you are in the area,

If you get a chance to watch the TV program, please feel free to leave your comments below and share this article with others. Let me know whether you love or hate the program and why. For similar articles, please read some of my other articles on Buying and Selling Antiques.

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