Nashville Flea Market

I recently attended the Nashville Flea Market, which was my second visit. Both times it has been on a Friday, when parking is free. I am an antique dealer and lover of antiques. I have other articles on Buying and Selling Antiques including reviews of other flea markets and shows. I gave a review of the Heart of Country Show in Nashville and the other shows happening that same week.Nashville Flea Market

Nashville Flea Market Staying Put

After months of speculation, the Nashville flea market is staying in its current location at the Tennessee State Fairgrounds. In 2010 it was announced they would be moving in 2011. But after many of the dealers complained, it was decided to remain at the fairgrounds. For the current dates of the Nashville Flea Market, click on the ir link.

Talking with a few of the dealers, sales have been up in 2011. Many said it was because of all the rumors about the projected move has been put to rest. Shoppers are comfortable with the current location and also seemed to be happy that it will remain at the state fairgrounds.

What to Find at Nashville Flea Market

As I mentioned, I am an antiquer and on the lookout for antiques and collectibles. But there are also many other things to find here if you don’t care for antiques. You will find plants and many food products. There are good deals on socks, electronics and many other products. If you have ever been to a large flea market, and this is a large one. It will take all day to really cover the grounds. Especially if it is your first time and you are having to discover where everything is located.

There are things to eat while you are here, but it is pricey. On Friday you can take a break and go outside the grounds to eat and not have to pay to reenter. Otherwise, if you don’t like paying high prices you can bring something to eat. But that may be a hassle and you may just think that is part of the experience like paying high prices at a ball game. Luckily some of the dealers sell drinks and water that they have iced down.Nashville Flea Market

If you are looking for antiques, and want to find deals, and who doesn’t. You need to come early on Friday. We got there around noon and saw a lot of “sold” signs and tags. I have only been here twice and the last visit was short since we had problems and got here late. Each time there were the regulars and also some new dealers. It is definitely worth the visit if you are a fellow lover of antiques.

The first photo reflects my love for English antiques, although there are many more American antiques and collectibles. I did learn the majolica plate with a dog in the photo was an American majolica piece. The other photo shows my beautiful wife with one of the dealers.

But there was something for everyone here. Again since this is an antique site, I will concentrate on those, but if your friends don’t share you love for antiques, they can be happy shopping for many other things and you can meet for lunch and have a show and tell.

I found a good selection of antiques and collectibles. There was a good bit of antique furniture, as well as vintage furniture. I was surprised at the amount of art, paintings and prints. All sorts of collectibles, nearly anything you would have an interest. There were outside garden things, architectural items, and on and on. The next time I go I will get a much broader selection of photos to better reflect the many different things available >will put them in a slideshow, or better yet a video. But look at the ones I have and just trust me there is much, much more. There are several buildings with heat and air where you can get out of the weather, as well as many outside pitches. Some are covered and some not. But dress comfortably and wear very comfortable shoes. You will do a lot of walking if you plan to see it all. It will also help to have a shopping cart, they were selling them the last time I came. A bag that doesn’t seem very heavy when you first start carrying it, starts to get real heavy after an hour or so.

If you are thinking about visiting the Nashville Flea Market, take my advice and go, you will be glad you did.

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