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A trip to Round Top is just not complete without a meal at Royer’s Round Top Cafe. My first participation in “The Royer Experience” took place during the spring 2011 Round Top antique week. I had been hearing about this place for years. My wife had been there several times, but unfortunately I had always had to return to Dallas and run the store.

My First trip to Royer’s Round Top Cafe

This time we had the good fortune of spending the week with our good friends, the Orwigs. A large group of us went to Royer’s to celebrate Polly Hitt’s birthday, a yearly tradition. I might add that Polly and the Orwigs are good friends with The Pie Man, aka Bud Royer. So not only did we eat there for the birthday celebration, we had his wonderful pies for several different meals. Yes, I gained five pounds during this week. We also had a giant cinnamon roll, the size of a pie, that was unbelievably good.royers-round-top-cafe

I had no idea what to expect, because I had never even seen the place before. All I knew was that Royer’s Round Top Cafe was known for its fabulous steaks, and they were the price of good steak houses in Dallas, my home town. So I was surprised, to say the least when we went up to the front porch and had a beer or glass of wine on the honor system. You just help yourself to a cold beer, or two, in the large coolers on the porch. You can’t get into the place without reservations, and expect a wait. Now I didn’t expect a fancy building like the top steak houses in Dallas, but I didn’t expect this either. Once we got inside, it was an even bigger surprise. If you think the outside is funky looking, wait till you get inside, it is pure funk and glitz. I have included a couple of photos to give you an idea of what it looks like. The place is also a lot smaller than I had expected. So we were crowded around a table. It is a fun place for a party!

But don’t let the surroundings give you the wrong impression about the food. I was tired after a long day at Marburger and didn’t think I could handle a steak. So I ordered the pork chop. I have to tell you it was the best pork chop I had ever eaten. The sides were very good, but that pork chop still makes my mouth water when I think about it. I must admit when natured called from drinking a couple of beers, I didn’t expect to be directed outside to a port-a-potty. But, again, this is Round Top, a town with a population less than 80, yes I said 80.

I had also heard stories of how Bud had chewed people out both inside and outside the café. But I saw none of that. Of course I was with friends of his, but I saw a very tender side of this man with the big reputation. At a party near the end of the week, Bud dropped by to spend some more time with his friends. He said he enjoyed eating other people’s cooking, which caused the eyes of our hostess to light up.

Special Project of Royers Round Top Cafe

His eyes lit up when he talked about Operation: Desert Pie. This is where you can order a pie and send it to one (or more) of our brave men and women who are overseas defending our freedom. Be sure to click on the link and view some of the photos of some happy soldiers who are enjoying a special taste from back home. Bud has developed a way to ship his wonderful pies overseas so they will arrive safe and sound for our soldiers to enjoy. You can get all the details at Royer’s Round Top Café and even order one of his wonderful pies for yourself. Here is a video I found on their web site that gives you a glimpse of the Royer’s and Round Top experience.

Video of Royer’s Round Top Cafe

I hope you get a chance to enjoy the whole Round Top experience of the twice a year antique week and that special treat of a visit to Royer’s Round Top Café.

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